Is your City prepared for Climate Change?

How to warn your city for heat stress?

Did you know that heat stress is the climate impact that results in the highest mortality rates?

Hurricane Katrina was responsible for 2000 deaths, the European heat wave in 2003 caused 70 000 deaths. The mortality rate was 2 to 3 times higher in urban areas, because cities experience twice as many heat wave days than the surrounding rural areas. Our short-term urban climate forecast indicates the heat stress conditions in your city for the next 3 days.

Live forecast of Antwerp

How will global warming impact your city in the future?

We all know about climate change, and the greenhouse effect. Global climate models predict a higher frequency and intensity of heat waves. How will these phenomena affect your city and its inhabitants? We can make climate projections to examine the impact of climate change on urban heat stress up until the end of the century, following the IPCC climate scenarios.

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How to adapt to Climate Change?

After the vulnerable heat hotspots in your city are mapped out, we can provide climate change adaptation scenarios to help mitigate urban heat stress. By simulating the impact of different measures, we advise cities about the most efficient efforts (like urban greening, or urban planning) to cope with more and more heat stress events. The adaptation scenarios provide options to make the future of your city more climate-resilient.

Climate adaptation scenario's


Outdoor lost working days in Brussels may double with climate change

Within the Belgian Science Policy research project CORDEX.BE, the VITO urban climate team downscaled regional climate simulations from the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium. A case study was worked out for the Brussels region focusing on impact from heat stress on labor productivity.

22 Sept. 2017

Four times more lost working hours due to excessive heat stress in office buildings without active cooling

We developed a methodology to translate the combined effect of global climate change and the urban heat island effect into indoor labor productivity losses.

22 Sept. 2017

Labor productivity severly impacted by urban heat stress.

At the request of the Flemish Thinktank Climate Adaptation, an analysis of the impact of heat stress and greening scenarios on the living and working conditions in Ghent city and harbor, including labor time reductions due to excesive heat stress conditions for the summer of 2003.

04 March 2016

What is Urban Heat Island?