2017 - Combining regional downscaling expertise in Belgium and beyond (CORDEX.BE)

2014 - 2017
Belgian Science Policy
RMI (Royal Meteorological Institute Belgium), KU Leuven, UCL , ULg , VITO, BIRA-IASB (Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy), KBIN (Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy), ROB (Royal Observatory of Belgium)

The main objective of the ongoing project, “COmbining Regional Downscaling EXpertise in Belgium: CORDEX and Beyond”, is to gather existing and ongoing Belgian research activities in the domain of climate modelling to create a coherent scientific basis for future climate services in Belgium.

The project groups 8 Belgian Institutes under a single research program of the Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO). The project involves three regional climate models and several local impact models, including UrbClim, running at high resolutions on small domains over Belgium.

The contribution of VITO’s Urban Climate Service Centre to the project focusses on two objectives/challenges.

  • First, UrbClim will be coupled off-line to the three regional climate models, downscaling their climate projection results for the city of Brussels.
  • Secondly, the UrbClim results will be further downscaled to street level resolution by applying sophisticated radiation calculations and 3D building data.