2017 – Climate portal for Flemish cities and communes

Flemish Government, department Omgeving (contactpersons Jan Breijne and Griet Verstraeten)
Wageningen Environmental Research(NL) and Point Consulting (BE)

The goal of the project was the development of a portal to support Flemish cities and communes in their activities to develop local adaptation policy and action plans. In addition, also existing mitigation information on CO2 emission inventories and renewable energy potential maps have been integrated.

The portal (only in Dutch) can be consulted here:

Direct link to CO2 emission inventories:

Direct link to renewable energy potential maps:

The adaptation section ( contains:

  • 30 in detail described adaptation measures
  • 15 documented examples of adapation projects in Flanders
  • 91 financing instruments for planning and realization of adaptation

Climate projections for Flanders point to more frequent extreme event such as heat waves, droughts and heavy rain fall.  Cities and communes are major players in the implementation of adaptation projects. The development of the portal was a request from local authorities who wanted to have one reference information site tailored to the Flemish policy and geographical context.