2017 - Flanders heat map project

Flemish Environmental Agency – Environmental Outlook department

VITO’s Urban Climate Service Center has produced unprecedented high-resolution heat stress maps for the entire Flemish region, based on a network of measurement stations in- and outside cities, in combination with a huge amount of model simulations. This work resulted in 100m resolution hourly air temperature maps for the current climate (2000-2016) from which heat stress indicators were derived. Based on climate change scenarios that were specifically developed for Flanders, and land use change modelling with VITO’s Ruimtemodel, future projections of heat stress in Flanders were made up to 2100. These results will serve as an input for the Flemish ‘Climate Portal’ website ( that will be the reference database for all Flemish and local authorities.

Figure below: Evolution of the number of heat wave days per year in the future following the different climate and land use scenarios.