2015 - Modelling atmospheric composition and climate for the Belgian territory (MACCBET)

2010 - 2015
Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) under contract number SD/CS/04A
atholieke Universiteit Leuven (coordinator), Université Catholique de Louvain and Royal Meteorological Institute Belgium

The aim of the proposed research is to establish projections of future climate and air quality for Belgium, at an unprecedented spatial resolution, and using the latest insights and parameterizations of processes affecting regional climate and atmospheric composition.In particular, we aim at generating high-resolution (3 km) present and future climate and air quality maps for Belgium. Moreover, we conduct a further downscaling to the level of urban agglomerations, focusing on Brussels, at a spatial resolution of a few hundred meters.


Correlation between several meteorological variables and the UHI intensity at midnight for Brussels. The lower right panel shows the dependency of the UHI intensity on the wind direction. The numbers above the bars indicate the number of cases that are included.